Instructions for a Duct Tape Dummy

What do you need?

  • 3x rolls (50m) armor tape
  • 1x painter suit
  • 1x scissors
  • 1x permanent marker
  • Paper towels or
  • Cling film
  • One or more persons

Step 1

  • Put on the painter’s suit.

Step 2

  • Start taping at the hip.
  • Please make sure that the pieces of tape are no larger than 20-25 cm when you tear them off. The pieces of tape should overlap when sticking on!

Step 3

  • When the hip area is ready, the upper body can be taped in.

Step 4

  • Once the upper body is taped in, the legs can be taped in.
  • Make sure you stand with your legs apart.

Step 5

  • The feet should also be taped up to under the heel.
  • This is where the paper towels or cling film come in handy.
  • The feet should be wrapped with the paper towels and then taped with Duct Tape.

Step 6

  • Now it’s the arms’ turn, the arms should be stretched out to the side, it’s best to use a broom or something similar here, as this is very strenuous in the long run.
  • It should be taped in up to the wrist.

Step 7

  • When cutting out, please use scissors, never a knife.
  • It is best to cut out the back, as shown in the picture.
  • The hood of the painter’s suit can be cut off.

Step 8

  • Yay, you’re done with your Duct Tape Dummy.
  • Write your name on the dummy with a permanent marker and now you can pack and ship it.

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